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  • Lani's Lana Fine Rambouillet Combed Top


    4 oz Combed Top

    100% Natural Fine Rambouillet Wool

    Ready to spin

    • Sustainable
    • Fibershed Certified
    • Carbon Beneficial Candidate
    • Superfine Wool

    About Lani's Lana:

    Our wool is grown in sustainable natural methods rooted in tradition with respect for earth, animals, people and the product created for future generation...Full circle, natural, organic, and with no harmful dyes or chemicals.


    Our goal is to offer a product that is produced right here in Northern California/Northwest Nevada that is often only imported from  countries far away.  We want our wool to be available right here at home.  For although we sell in bulk to companies like Pendleton Woolen Mills, we have an amazing superfine wool that is just so good, that home spinners and fiber artists should be able to access it too.  Please take a minute to visit the Products tab to see all the fine yarns that are available.  

    About Lani's Lana Combed Top:

    We have found Combed Top to be the best process for our wool due to the large amount of noil produced in the fine wools.  Combing removes most of that noil and straightens the fibers.  Because of the combing, this yarn will be just as soft as similar yarns that are merely carded.  This expensive extra step insures that your garments will last longer and show less wear than other wools of the same level of softness.  Have fun creating your own unique yarns.